Santa Teresa - Nicaragua

Santa Teresa - Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Single Origin - Caturra - Washed

Grown in the shade of tangerine and orange trees - a bright, juicy caturra bean from the highest mountains in Nicaragua.


Origin: Santa Teresa Estate, Nueva Segovia, Dipilto, Nicaragua 

At 1500 meters above sea level up in the mountains of Neuva Segovia is the town of Dipilto, home to 5000 people and one of the finest coffee regions in Central America.  Lushly forested allowing for shade grown coffee which are bright and juicy. Although small compared to other coffee regions Dipilto punches above it's weight - winning prizes around the world for the quality of it's beans. 

The farmer: Jorge Lagos

Jorge is a young and passionate coffee producer. As a graduate of agronomy he strives to nurture the land he farms on and takes care to maintain local biodiversity. His coffee bushes are fully shaded and pollinated by bees that live under the roof of the farms washing station.

Jorge has been producing coffee here since 2007. The farm has 2 natural springs from which water is drawn for the crops and the washing process.



The aroma is very floral and the taste contains subtle chocolate and almond notes with an aftertaste of ripe plums. The balance of sweetness and bright acidity is very pleasant.


This is a fully washed coffee. After picking it is sorted by hand and pulped by machine (the skin and fruit pulp are removed from the coffee cherry) and then dried in the sun.


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