Finca de Alejo Castro - Costa Rica

Finca de Alejo Castro - Costa Rica

Costa Rica Single Estate - Villa Sarchi - Red Honey Process

'Pura Vida' - an motto you hear several times every day throughout Costa Rica - translates as 'pure life', but it's meaning is hard to pin down exactly. It references things that the country is famous for - organic production, clean energy, sustainability, but also a lust for life, effervescence, and enthusiasm for al the good things in life.

This months' coffee hails from an historic farm in Costa Rica,  the Volcan Azul Estate on the slopes of the  Poás Volcano; a farm founded in the middle of the nineteenth century with the ambition "to produce the best coffee in the world" to satisfy the demanding European gourmet market." Six generations of coffee growers have been making that vision a reality since 1852, winning awards and accolades including the 2017 'Cup of Excellence' award.



Origin: Finca de Alejo Castro, San Bosco, Alajuela, Costa Rica


At 1620 meters above sea level on the historic family farm run by Alejo Castro you'll find a model of sustainable coffee production. 


 The farmer: Alejo Castro

Alejo is a sixth generation coffee farmer and winner of the 2017 Cup of Excellence. In his own words: "Coffee is a big part of my life that has brought to my family happiness. This is why I feel the commitment to achieve excellence in our coffee quality."                                               The family is actively acquiring lots natural rainforest in order to secure its' protection and conservation. These facts, not just words, are small actions taken by one family to reduce air pollution and global warming.



This coffee is very smooth and satisfying from beginning to end. The initial taste is a sweetness reminiscent of ripe red apples dipped in a layer of toffee. Then after the initial sweetness subsides an under-layer of gooseberry remains adding complexity.

Cupping Score - 86

Processing - Red Honey

This coffee is a microlot from the farm that has been honey-processed. This means that the shells and flesh are removed, but the inner layer (mucilage) is left on during drying. The coffee becomes sweeter and fuller compared to the more commonly used washed method.


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