Dhading - Nepal - Fully Washed Bourbon

Dhading - Nepal - Fully Washed Bourbon

Nepal Single Origin - Bourbon - Fully Washed

Nepal, home to 8 of the world's 10 highest mountains, including Mount Everest, is not (yet) very famous for it's coffee production, but we're happy to present this little beauty - from the foothills of the Himalayas: a coffee with attitude and altitude.

Historically a tea-growing nations, Nepal, in fact, produces very little coffee - only exporting about 400 tons per year (for comparison - Colombia exports 2000 times this amount). The first seeds arrived in the country only in 1938 and coffee was grown on a tiny scale until the 1980s. In the past 20 years farmers who traditionally grew millet and maize have seen their incomes increase significantly after shifting to coffee. Still, very few coffees grown here are of speciality grade (over 80 points) - but the richness of the soil here and the increasing skill level of the farmers, together with the potential to earn higher revenues, means that the speciality sector is growing and we can expect more high quality coffee from Nepal in the future.

Origin: Dhading - Central Nepal

The Dhading region lies in the centre of Nepal. The region's northern edge borders with Tibet and, though only 80 km from the capital city of Kathmandu, it is one of the least developed parts of the country, lagging behind the rest of the country in education, health and employment levels. The coffee industry represents an opportunity for local farmers and entrepreneurs to boost the region's social and economic well being. The region has an excellent climate, soil and topography for organically grown arabica coffee.

The Producers

Our coffee is grown organically by a number of individual farmers who have small holdings between 1000 - 1500 metres. This coffee was harvested in February 2018 and collected for processing by Dinesh Kadel who runs Buddha Organic Coffee - a processing and roasting facility in Kathmandu.


This coffee has a really interesting mix of aromas and flavours. There is a powerful first impression of sweet nougat as soon as the coffee has been ground and this lasts throughout the cup. There is a pleasant dark chocolate taste as a middle note and top notes of lime, raspberry and lychee. If you grind this coffee coarsely you will even find some tomato like elements in the cup.

Cupping Score - 84.25

This coffee scores particularly highly for sweetness balance and clarity in the cup.

Processing - Fully Washed

This coffee is fully washed, which allows the delicate qualities of the acidity and sweetness to shine through. The coffee cherries are hand picked and then sorted to remove the underripe and overripe cherries. 

The skin and flesh are removed mechanically from the coffee bean and the remaining bits of pulp are removed in a 24-36 hour fermentation. After fermentation the beans are washed and graded. At this point the beans are separated. The washed beans are dried in the sun for 12 - 20 days. When they reach the desired level of dryness they are removed and stored until ready to be shipped.

Fika Pairing

All Muttley & Jack's coffees are paired with a suggested recipe, created especially to match the flavour profile of the beans. Enjoy this coffee with dark chocolate and lime cookies. In pairing this fika we opted to go fora simply butter cookie and highlight the dark chocolate and lime notes present in the coffee.

Read the recipe.

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