Colombian Single Origin - Caturra - Fully Washed

Colombian Single Origin - Caturra - Fully Washed

Colombian Single Origin - Caturra - Fully Washed

Smooth and complex with a perfect  balance of sweetness and brightness. - a coffee to savour and enjoy!

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Origin: Huila

Huila, situated in the southwestern part of Colombia, is full of mountains, rivers and... of course, coffee. Around 16% of Colombian coffee is grown in this region. 

The farm

Like most of the growers in the region Javier Cuellar Muñoz has small farm (around 2 hectares) and is part of the Cadefihuila cooperative with other local growers. The farm is at 1800m altitude.



Similar to many coffees from Colombia this roast has a milk chocolatey character with hints of almond and cherry. What makes this coffee from Javier's farm stand out from the rest are the delicate acid notes of slightly acidic berries - like redcurrant and blackberry. This makes for an exciting flavour experience - the sweet and the sour notes in perfect balance for a smooth, complex taste.


After the coffee has been picked by hand it undergoes a process known as "fully washed". This means the coffee is first pulped (outer skin is removed by machine), then fermented for 1 - 2 days, and then washed again. This results in extremely high quality coffee with 'lively' notes.

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