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El Salavador: El Manzanal Anaerobic

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Denna webbplats är skyddad av reCAPTCHA och Googles integritetspolicy . Användarvillkor gäller.

I koppen: Balanserat, söt med runda smaktoner av choklad och blodapelsin.

Koppning: 88 poäng

Munkänsla: Fylligt, skiktat

Botanisk variant: Orange San Pacho

Process: Anerobic Natural (anaerob bärtorkat)

Producent: José Enrique Gutierrez

Växthöjd: 1200 möh 

Region: Apaneca-Ilamatepec


Jose Enrique Gutierrez named his farm Finca El Manzanal after the tree that abounds on the plot. The manzanos tree provides shade for coffee trees and acts as a wind shield, especially during flowering when flowers must remain on the tree in order for cherry to grow.

In 2010, Jose Enrique adopted regenerative agriculture practices. He owns a cluster of farms in the Ahuachapan municipality. His family produced coffee in the eastern region of El Salvador but left due to low coffee prices and a civil war in the 1980s. Nevertheless, coffee is Jose Enrique’s passion and, when he purchased his first farm in 2007, he did so with a specialty mindset.

Jose Enrique mixes traditional agronomic knowledge with his own ideas for more sustainable practices. The specialty industry provided a stable price that, with his quality production, enabled him to increase his land and purchase additional farms. Today, all of his farms, including El Manzanal, San Jose, El Limo, Las Brisas, El Horno and Los Cocos are focused on specialty production.

This lot is composed of Orange San Pacho. San Pacho is a dwarf variety from Colombia. The name comes from the Spanish word “pacho” meaning “shallow”. Most San Pacho is red in color but the plants at Jose’s neighboring farm, El Limo, had an orange hue. Intrigued by the color change, Jose propagated those trees and planted them at Finca El Manzanal. One of the main features of San Pacho is its high productivity, especially for such a small tree. The same team picks this cherry ever year. They had to learn how to tell ripe and unripe cherry apart, since the color difference is less obvious with the orange-colored cherry. However, after a lot of hard work, they’re experts at picking only ripe cherry.