AAA Insani - Mbeya - Tanzania -Fully Washed

AAA Insani - Mbeya - Tanzania -Fully Washed

Tanzania Single Origin - AAA Insani  - Fully Washed

Tanzania might just be the most underrated east African coffee producing country. Most Tanzanian coffee is grown in the north of the country on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro but our coffee comes from the south.  Here, if you dig deep enough, you can discover really interesting beans - bright, clean and pleasingly complex fruit driven flavours are there to be found.  

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Variety: Kent

Kent is a variety of arabica coffee that was first discovered growing on the Kent Estate in India. It is a spontaneous, natural mutation of the 'Typica' variety but it has better resistance to leaf rust disease which makes makes it an attractive and more reliable crop for farmers.

Origin: Mbeya - Southern Tanzania 

Our coffee is grown in the Mbeya region, known as the Southern Highlands on account of the altitude. It receives a plentiful rainfall, has an extended dry season and has fertile, deep red volcanic soils. When the rainy season comes it lasts from March to May, and annual rainfall averages a bountiful 35 inches.

The Cooperative Society : Insani Farmers Group

Established in 2001, Insani is a group of 93 farmers, situated near the Nangoza River in Songwe, South Tanzania. The river provides a convenient water source for processing their coffee.

The cherry for our particular coffee comes from 20 of these smallholder farmers, who have picked and delivered their harvest to the co-owned central mill. When they deliver the coffee cherries, they hand sort to ensure only the ripe cherry are processed.

The unripe and overripe cherry will be taken back home by the farmers for home processing and will be sold locally or consumed by the farmers themselves

Special Project: Coffee Club

Through buying coffee from Mbeya we are supporting a region that really needs the investment. There is huge potential in the area to keep on producing better and better coffees and to raise the income of those who make their living from coffee.

Nordic Approach - our partner in Tanzania is sponsoring a 3-year educational programme called ‘Coffee Club’. This initiative, run in schools in the area, is aimed at establishing strong farmer groups and instilling good foundations for the production of coffee in the future. Statistically, the large majority of the children in these schools, whether they are aware of it or not, will rely on producing coffee as their primary means of income. The objective is to engage young people in coffee production and to prepare them with the knowledge and skills required to make successful coffee producers in this region. By buying this coffee, a small portion goes towards this project.


There's a lot of citrus flavours in this coffee. Depending on how long after roasting you drink it you will find lemon, lime, blood orange and even grapefruit. These citrus elements are softened a little by the accompanying stone fruit notes of apricot and nectarine. They combine to leave a lemon-curd impression. There's a black tea-like element which works well in this lighter bodied coffee. A sweet, candy-like finish.

Cupping Score - 88

Any score over 80 means that a coffee is considered 'speciality'. Over 85 and it's really something special. This coffee has been awarded a cupping score of 88 - a remarkable achievement for this farmers group. 

Processing - Fully Washed

This coffee is fully washed, which allows the delicate qualities of the acidity and sweetness to shine through. The coffee cherries are hand picked and then sorted to remove the underripe and overripe cherries. 

The skin and flesh are removed mechanically from the coffee bean and the remaining bits of pulp are removed in a 24-36 hour fermentation. After fermentation the beans are washed and graded. At this point the peaberries are separated. The washed beans are dried in the sun for 12 - 20 days on raised drying beds. When they reach the desired level of dryness they are removed and stored until ready to be shipped.

Fika Pairing

All Muttley & Jack's coffees are paired with a suggested recipe, created especially to match the flavour profile of the beans. Enjoy this coffee with a very special chocolate cupcake. The recipe has been especially created to match this coffee by Sandra Eslovi of Cafe Koya in Stockholm.


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