Peachy Sweet Summer! Our Cold Brew Recipe

Peachy Sweet Summer! Our Cold Brew Recipe

Cold Brewed Coffee for Hot Days

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer it's the perfect time to experiment with cold brewing your coffee. Cold brewed coffee delivers a rounder, smoother and sweeter coffee experience than your regular iced coffee.


Coffee, water, ice

Use the ratio of 8:1 - 8 parts water to 1 part coffee. This recipe suggests 125g coffee per litre of water.


1. Filter your water for the best end result and pour into a bowl or a bucket.

2. Choose a washed coffee rather than a natural process (though feel free to experiment). Muttley & Jack's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Alemu Bukato is perfect - delivers a ton of sweet peach flavour.

2. Grind 125g coffee as coarsely as you can - great big flakes that look like sea salt are perfect.

3. Mix your coffee and water for a minute, making sure all the coffee grinds are submerged in the water. Cover and leave to brew for 12 -18 hours. Taste your brew after 12 hours and when you think it's the perfect strength for you it's time to filter out the grinds.

4. For best results filter the cold brew first through a sieve or nylon bag to remove most of the grinds and then again through a paper filter (the kind you might use for a pour over coffee, or with a MoccaMaster).

5. If you have a brewed several litres filtering through paper might be tedious and use a lot of filters - consider investing in an unbleached cotton sack instead.

6. Serve over ice and enjoy! 

Pro-tip: Freeze some of your cold brew into ice cubes in advance so that your drink does not dilute as the ice melts.

Keep your brew in the fridge and you can enjoy it for 2 weeks.

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