Punchy, Refreshing & Perfect for Summer - Aeropress over Ice

Punchy, Refreshing & Perfect for Summer - Aeropress over Ice

Iced Aeropress Recipe

Iced Aeropress

When the temperature rises and you don't have time to wait around for a cold brew theres a speedier way to brew a delicious cold coffee that keeps it's flavour and zing and it takes only minutes to prepare. Using your Aeropress to brew hot coffee that is instantly chilled allows the aroma of your coffee to come through and preserves the bright acidity of a speciality coffee even drunk chilled.

But it's not a simple as brewing your regular hot Aeropress recipe and then adding ice. You'll need to adjust your technique to deliver a punch refreshing chilled coffee.

Here's our recipe that has a 6:1 water to coffee ratio:


31.5g Coffee, 190g water, 200g ice


1. Prepare 200g ice in a jug (that your Aerpress will fit onto). Preferably big chunks which will melt slower than smaller ice cubes.

2. Heat water to 90 degrees. You'll need about 250ml (190ml/g for the brew and some to pre-heat your aeropress)

3. Choose a speciality coffee with plenty of punchiness - we love "Abakundkawa"- a natural processed Rwandan coffee for Aeropress over ice.

4. Grind 31.5g coffee to a fine/medium level (A little finer than you would use for pour-over.)

5. Prepare your aeropress in the inverted position (see image), pre-heat with a little water. Add 2 filters to the cap and wet with a little water to remove any papery taste and set aside.

6. Add 31.5g coffee into your Aeropress.

7. Pour the first 90g water (at 90 degrees Celsius) onto your coffee. Allow to bloom for 30 seconds.

8. Pour the remaining 100g water in over 30 seconds.

9. Stir the coffee/water mixture for 5 seconds.

10. Allow to brew for a further 60 seconds.

11. Add the cap with a double filter. Push out air.

12. Carefully flip your Aeropress onto your jug of ice and press the liquid through onto the ice. This should be done slowly - over about 30 seconds.

13. Enjoy as the ice melts into the coffee an aromatic, refreshing drink.

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