Brazil Single orgin - Tanque Pulped Natural

Brazil Single orgin -  Tanque Pulped Natural

Brazil Single orgin -  Tanque Pulped Natural

A taste bomb! Sweet, with notes of vanilla, apple and pear. 250g. Cupping score: 87.

Origin: Tanque

Sitio Tanque is located in Piatã, on the region of Diamantina Plateau, the farm is owned by Mr. Aleci de Souza. This area is widely different from other places in Brazils in terms of climate and ecotops. It looks different, and the flavor spectrum is also speaking for it self. The farms are on the slopes of the Chapada Diamantina Mountain range, and altitudes can be up to 1400 masl, which is very high for Brazil.

The farm

The owner, Mr. Aleci de Souza, has been working with coffee for more than 26 years and comes from a coffee family. Tanque is at an altitude of 1300m. The soil here is clay and there is an average annual rainfall of 1200-1600 mm, the harvest runs from June to September.


Handpicked, and pulped before taken to the drying patios.


The drying is done on patios. The coffee beans are spread in layers of about 4 cm and mixed many times a day.

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