Honduras: Liquid Amber, Fully Washed Lempira

Reapris Pris 139 kr Ord. pris

In the cup: Sparkling acidity, floral notes of violet, flavours of plum, blueberry and blackberry.

Cupping Score: 87

Mouthfeel: Light, silky

Variety: Lempira

Process: Fully Washed

Altitude: 1700 metres above sea level

Region: Pozo Negro


Don Guadalupe is a pioneer coffee grower in the region of Pozo Negro, Intibuca. He has devoted a lifetime to agricultural production, but in 2015 he was on the verge of giving up his farm. The income it generated was simply too low for him to support his family.

That year he was convinced to enter the Cup of Excellence competition in Honduras, and his coffee won eighth place, giving him the hope he needed to persevere with coffee production. Coffee is now the main income for his entire family and every family member is involved in production and processing on the farm. They grow Red Catuai and Lempira varieties.

Don Guadalupe does not have a modern processing facility, but he does apply a great deal of care to each step of the coffee production process. He is careful in his use of fertilizers, using only what is needed according to soil analysis results, and picks only the perfectly ripe cherries. Coffees are processed the day they are picked, and dried in a parabolic solar dryer.