Etiopien: Beloya - Tvättat - Yirgacheffe

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I koppen: Kaprifol, fläder och ros träffar smaksinnena i detta eleganta blommiga kaffe med skiktad sötma från björnbär, apelsin och passionsfrukt.

Koppning: 88 poäng

Munkänsla: Silkeslen, skiktad

Botanisk variant: Heirloom

Process: Tvättat (Washed)

ProducentBeloya Washing Station

Växthöjd: 1600 - 2500 möh 

Region: Gedeo / Yirgacheffe


The Beloya Cooperative has 1,203 members, lying just north of Chelelektu, and 45km from Dilla, the administrative centre of the Gedeo Zone. The washing station itself has two processing units to ensure a timely washing and drying of the cherry, using water from the local river system. The coffee farmers use traditional pest control methods that have been in use for many years, and so organic production is commonly found.

The coffee from here is grown at high altitudes in iron rich soils with a spread of genetic diversity provided by the heirloom varietals. Coffee is washed in the flotation tanks to remove any plant debris and undesirable beans, before being fermented and the mucilage removed and the parchment coffee being dried to around 12% on raised beds. Further sorting and removal of the bean from parchment is carried out in the union owned facilities in Addis Ababa.