Colombia: San Joaquin - Tvättat - Narino

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I koppen: Mycket smak av hibiskus med runda toner av plommon och hallon.

Koppning: 88 poäng

Munkänsla: Silkeslen, teliknande

Botanisk variant: Caturra, Castillo

Process: Tvättagt (Washed)

Producent: Pablo Cordova

Växthöjd: 1990 möh


Pablo Cordova as his relatives have dedicated their entire life to coffee production, he says, he loves to see how this tradition has been inherited to his sons and grandsons, due to coffee he´s been able to give to his family a good quality of life, now he wants to take a step forward, he is thinking of retirement, but before he does that, he would like to teach his offspring how to produce an even better quality coffee with organic practices in order access to more international markets and succeed in this labor. They know they need to learn a lot, they have to invest in his farm infrastructure, and they have to face the damage caused by climate change, however, Pablo’s family feel much love and passion for this profession and for their roots. They believe this is the best way to generate more value in their product. Pablo grows Caturra, Colombia and Castillo