Colombia: Fincamigos - Gesha, Sudan Rume, Tabi

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I koppen: Eleganta toner av vita vindruvor och citrusfrukter på en bas med viss karaktär av svart te.

Koppning: 89 poäng

Munkänsla: Elegant, skiktad

Botanisk variant: Gesha, Sudan Rume & Tabi

Process: Tvättat

Producent: Fincamigos

Växthöjd: 1830 möh 

Region: Jardin


Fincamigos is an experimental plantation, located in the mountain range of the Antioquian Andes near the town of Jardín at an altitude of 1830 metres above sea level. The plantation serves as a research site for the cultivation of rare arabica varietie

Here they also explore ways to cultivate coffee in more socially and environmentally sustainable ways. Their lots consist of some of the most highly-sought-after coffee varieties including Sudan Rume, Geisha and Tabi. At Fincamigos, these high quality lots receive the VIP treatment and are cultivated to help evoke their full potential. In the cup, these varieties display notes of berries, chocolate and a honey sweetness.