Burundi: Masha - Kayanza - Tvättat Bourbon

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I koppen: Ett mjukt och fruktigt kaffe med toner av havtorn, vanilj och röda bär, samt blommiga aromer på en bas med karaktär av svart te

Koppning: 88 poäng

Munkänsla: Rund, silkeslen

Botanisk variant: Red Bourbon

Process: Tvättat (Washed)

Producent: Masha Tvättstation

Växthöjd: 1700 möh 

Region: Kayanza


Masha is probably one of the most famous washing stations in Burundi. Its cup quality and intense sweetness stand out in any cupping table. That is why is not surprising that it is constantly in the highest ranks of the Burundi Cup of Excellence competitions, where in fact, in 2014 came 8th with a washed lot that scored 88.18.-

The Masha washing station was built in 1989 in the commune of Gatara, province of Kayanza. It is located at an altitude of 1672 masl. Masha derives its name from the large number of cows and livestock activity ("amasha y'inka" in Kirundi) in the area.

This washing station receives cherries from more than 2,500 local farmers distributed in 12 neighboring hills. During the harvest season, Masha processes more than 400 tons of coffee.

Almost all coffee in Burundi are of Bourbon variety, which is strictly controlled by the government for quality reasons. Due to the increasingly small size of coffee farms, aged coffee trees are a very important problem in Burundi. Many coffee growers have coffee trees with more than 50 years, but with small land to cultivate, it is difficult to justify that they are completely out production during the 3-4 years that it will take new plantations to start producing.

Despite the ubiquity of coffee cultivation in Burundi, low productivity is a predominant tendency. The small producer on average has approximately 300 trees, usually in their backyards.